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Small Business Web Hosting

     Small Business web Hosting

      Disc Space - what do I need?

      .  A web site needs Disc Space on a server that is permanently connected to the Internet.

      .  Disc Space handles your web design documents, images and email passing through you web site.

      .  Most SMEs in Ireland will need an SME web design with fewer than 20 pages of about 50KB/page.

      .  For most SEM sites, 50MB of Disc Space would easily cope with a good-sized SME Website.

      .  50MB can be easily increased to include e-commerce hosting, databases, message boards etc.


      Website Traffic?

      .  Visitors to your site will cause data to pass through the Disc Space. This is called "Data Transfer"or"Traffic"

      .  Traffic includes email and a large volume of email can deplete your Traffic Allowance (TA).

      .  Traffic Allowance is measured monthly in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).

      .  50MB Disc Space with 500MB (0.5GB) of TA would be sufficient for 95% of web sites.

      Should I choose a .com or a .ie domaina name?

      .  .com names are best for international business as many people do not recognised a .ie name.

      .  .com and .net names are easily recognised and most frequently displayed in search engine results.

      .  If you only want Irish customers then enquiries coming form outside Ireland will erode your TA

      .  .ie names are most useful to identify you as an Irish company and you will get mostly Irish visitors.

      .  For both Irish and International business you should have both .com and .ie names pointing to your site.

      .  Free or low priced Irish sub-domain names like are available as an option.

      The Bottom Line:

      .  Don't pay for large web space you might never use.

      .  Don't be fooled by the "Plenty of space to grow into" approach.

      .  Find a hosting company that puts your interests first and not their own interests.

      .  Remember, the main cost usually comes from lots of visitors and high email traffic not from Disc Space.

      .  As your business visitors increase, your hosting costs will grow - and it should be this way round.

      .  Choose a 50MB with an flexible traffic allowance so that the hosting plan can grow with the business.

      .  Look for inclusive Domain Name and hosting:- look for at about €50 and €100

      .  Search out the best deal. We recommend for an excellent €30 50MB hosting package.

      Web Site Marketing and SEO - Search Engine Optimisation:

      .  Web site marketing is a way of promoting a web site to be found by Google and other search engines.

      .  Successful web site marketing can lift your web site to the Google top-10 where people will find it.

      .  Protocol provide a atart-up optimisation in the web design that will get you results in Google quite quickly.

      .  Without SEO optimisation, your new site will not be shown in Google result. Protocol make it possible.

      .  Call 1890 886 007 to discuss what web site marketing options are best for your site or email us now.


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